Acronyms & Abbreviations

Air Transport
  --Cargo Aircraft
  --World Airport IATA Codes
  --World Airports Information
  --Airline Codes

Basics of Int'l Trade
  --Foreign Exchange

Business Entities Worldwide

Computer Terms

Country Codes

Country Data
  --Data for 175 Countries
  --Demographic Summaries
  --Advanced Demographic Data

Country Im/Ex Data

  --Currencies of the World
  --Currency Converter

Dictionary A-Z

  --Guide to Documentation
  --75-Country Requirements
  --US Customs ImEx

Exporting from USA
  --Basic Guide to Exporting
  --Export Tariff Codes
  --BIS Regulations
  --Denied Persons List
  --Unverified List

Global Time Clock

Importing to USA
  --Commodity Index
  --Headnotes of the HTS
  --Harmonized Tariff Schedule
  --US Customs Rulings
  --US Customs Documents

Incoterms 2010

Incoterms 2000

International Dialing
  --International Dialing Guide
  --International Dialing Codes

International Payments
  --Documentary Collections
  --Letters of Credit

Maps of the World

Measurement Converters

  --NAFTA Overview
  --NAFTA Text
  --NAFTA Implementation
  --NAFTA Documentation
  --NAFTA Resources

Ocean Transport
  --Cargo Vessels
  --Ocean Freight Containers
  --Seaports of the World
  --Distances Between Ports
  --Vessel Classification


Resources for Int'l Trade
  --Books and Directories
  --ICC Publications
  --Periodicals and Reports
  --Country Series Books
  --Trade Associations
  --Academic Institutions
  --Travel Web Sites
  --Trade Related Web Sites
  --Other Information Sources

  --Supply Chain Illustration
  --Seal Requirements
  --Automated Manifest System
  --AMR (24-Hour Rule)
  --Food Facility Registration
  --ISPS Code
  --Data Security
  --Industrial Espionage
  --Security Glossary

Sourcing Guide

Trade Statistics -- USA

Trade Terms in 8 Languages

Truck Trailers

Weights & Measures


New Features

Click to Hear Foreign-Language Pronunciations of 3127 Trade Terms
We have added native pronunciations for all French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations in our "Trade Terms in 8 Languages" category, which contains 3127 terms and translations. Italian pronunciations are in the works.

Searchable US Customs Rulings
We have added a searchable database of over 100,000 U.S. Customs rulings.

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
In addition to the full text of NAFTA, this Data Set includes Certificate of Origin and related forms that may be filled in on screen, as well as government documents relating to guidance and implementation.

Security (C-TPAT et al.)
This Data Set includes explanations of C-TPAT, FAST, PAPS, PARS, Seal Requirements, CSI, ISPS, Industrial Espionage, and more, as well as a Glossary of Security Terms and illustrations outlining the Supply Chain.

US Import and Export Forms
This Data Set includes more than 50 import and export forms: includes permit applications and US Customs forms as well as documents used for the importation of plants and animals. All documents will be available in PDF format for viewing or downloading.

World Airports Information
Under the category of "Air Transport," we have added extremely detailed information regarding every major (and most minor) international airports in the world.

Demographic Data
Under the category of "Country Data," we have added summary demographic data and population pyramids for 227 countries and numerous categories of advanced demographic data for 227 countries.

Export Tariff Codes
Under the category of "Exporting from the USA," we have added export tariff codes as well as country and regional tariff information.

World Tariffs and Taxes
We have added the searchable U.S. Commerce Department database.

U.S. Trade Statistics
We have added the searchable U.S. Census Department database.

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